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Customs Clearing Entry Filing.
1.  Clear your shipment,  
5 days BEFORE it's in US Port (click here)
2.  Email your documents  Arrival-Notice   &  ETC
3.  Email us your
Continuous Bond  &/or  Single Entry Bond.
Payment:  personal/company check   or   wire-transfer.
Bond (s):
1.  Single
ISF Bond (click here)  
2.  Single
ISF Bond for LATE ISF Filing (click here)  
3.  Single
Entry Bond (click here)
4.  Single
Entry Bond Subject-to  (FDA, USDA &  etc.) (click here)
5.  Single
Entry Bond Subject-to  (ADD  / CVD  &  etc.)  (click here)
6.  Application for $50,000 Continuous Bond form (
click here)
7.  Application for $60,000 & UP Continuous Bond form (
click here)
8.  Power of Attorney (POA) for Continuous Bond form (
click here)
Payment:  personal/company check   or   wire-transfer.
Trucking Arrangement.   (Email Receiver info):
1. Full Address,  Contact Name,  Cell#,   Email
2. Photo copy of Driver Licenses, receiver of shipment.
4. Lift-Gate truck, to load / unload ?
5. Hand Pallet, to load / unload?
6. BUSINESS with loading dock / unloading dock?

To PICK-UP your own shipment, email Photo copy Driver License
- To have OTHER-person/friend/emp pick-up, email Driver License
To be:
1. International shipping Broker (NVOCC / FMC) (click here)
2. Domestic
Truck Broker Authority (MAP-21 / FMCSA)  (click here)
3. CFS Warehouse (click here)
Automated Broker Interface (ABI) System / File your own / Unlimmited
1. ISF 10+2 Filing
2. Customs Clearing
3. Much more
ISF Filing $95  (we file for you)
1.  Email your Driver License &
Fill-out Service Agreement (click here)
2.  Email your
Continuous Bond  &/or  Single ISF Bond.
3.  Email  
ISF info,  Invoice,  Packing-list, .Bill-of-Lading (BL) &  ETC
Payment:  personal/company check   or   wire-transfer.
All importer are BOUND to Incoterms (PRE-Arranged BEFORE leaving foreign port by your supplier / shippER).
To understand why/who importer
MUST pay,  BEFORE/After/DURING  shipping,  you MUST review Incoterms  &  contact ISSUER of Bill-of-lading (BL)

As importer, there are
10 party involved  with  9  Vendor Payments or more:   
1. You/importer/consignee.
2. Your factory/supplier payments.
Bill-of-Lading (aka: Bill-of-Sale) Your FOREIGN Forwarder/trucking/warehouse/customs/terminal/Exam payment.
Cargo Insurance/maritime law / all risk / total lost.
Freight forwarder AKA: Arrival Notice/ Unloading from vessel & moving it to warehouse/port fee.
US Exam Site fees.
CFS warehouse payment/LCL SEA shipment  or  Sea Terminal Port payment/FULL Container.
Domestic trucking arrange payment  or  Pick-up your shipment YOURSELF)
ISF Filing  Customs Agent fee. (Sea shipping only)
US Customs Clearing fee.
11. etc, etc.

Customs Broker (messenger,  like your tax account) is:
Messenger between US Customs & Importer ONLY:  To transmits importer info/documents, way it was received from you & your-vendors, to Customs
NOT between you & your vendors (Supplier / Factory / Forwarder / Warehouse / Carrier /  Moving-company / Shipping-company / Exam-Site & etc.)
US Import Bond
2018  Pacific Coast Hwy,   Suite #200   Lomita, CA 90717
P: (310-928-1180) (Peter) (Young) (Carlos) (Omar) (Kim) (Ana) (Dale) (Cindy) (info) (ISF Department)

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Disclaimer Terms & Conditions (
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Dale Dong Young Park dba A Plus Customs Broker
(Filer Code AEF)
Coast Logistic Groups llc dba US Import Bond (Filer Code E2B)
ONLY valid contact, with us, are list it here,  all others are invalid
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime / anywhere.
1. ISF 10+2 (Importer Security Filing)  /  ISF  FAQ. 63 pages  /  (click here)

2. US Ports  Contact.

3. Air Forwarders by Air Forwarders Association.

4. Ocean Freight Forwarder: Federal Maritime Commission (FMC)

5. Filing a Complaint Freight Forwarder/NVOCC/ etc  with

6. US Government Agencies /

7. For more links to import, export & etc.  Industry.

8. Basic Importing by (Import Requirements, 211 page) &  for others.

9. You're  BOUND to Incoterms (PRE-Arranged,  BEFORE leaving foreign port)

10. Warning: Be  aware  of  scam  hijack  emails  &  OTHER  scams.

All our website is Reference use only & our service are Arrangement only.
Please Click: Color (Blue/Purple/etc) on our website for details
Our Services:   
ISF  filing
Entry  filing
Bond (s) app.
4. And If any,
arrange  DOMESTIC  Trucking.
UNLIMITED  ISF   HTC/Tariff/Harmonized code / Monthly / Yearly Filing
Key to filing ISF is you must file, even if your data is incomplete, you
MUST  file, 48 hours (we recommend 72 hours) BEFORE your
shipment could be load onto freight vessel.  You can always make
the corrections and Re-Submit your ISF filing,  72 Hrs before your
cargo  arrives into US Port, with Re-filing fee.  O
therwise US Customs
can/will assessed penalty / fines of up to
$5,000 for each violation.